Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"


The buffer is swap every millisecond in the dac output routine (pic 2 violet curve). If 2x40 bytes have been sent to DAC (yello curve) an interrupt (middle priority) is triggered for filling buffer. The fill time is 421 ms. The filling of the buffers is completed before a new trigger comes :slight_smile:


Hallo friends :slight_smile:

I have change the “optimize” in Atmel Studio 7 from -OS to -O1. The result is a faster code and little more program size. Processor utilization is about 31%

Pic 1: rendering 2x40 osc values and fill buffer in 514 usec with optimize -OS
Pic 2: rendering 2x40 osc values and fill buffer in 308 usec with optimize -O1

yello: 25 microseconds interval for read two samples from buffer and send to the DACs
violet: rendering 2x40 oscillator values and fill buffer

Its very nice :)))


> What happens if the buffers are swapped before the buffer-filling routine has finished?

Have you ever had a soundcard’s driver crashing? Usually that leads to a loud harsh tone. That’s when the buffer is repeatedly played by the soundcard. The driver doesn’t refill it with new values anymore, so it’s content is repeatedly played like a wavetable, which results in this weird, harsh tone.



Degenerator does not have a Microsoft Windows system :wink: Only problem is a missing Midi message “Note Off” then there is a continuous sound from Degenerator! Press “cancel” on Degenrator can stop this.


Video: Oscillator rendering and buffer time. Max time for rendering and save to buffer is 352 usec.

Youtube: Video





For samples an 1MB external SRAM is available in the Degenerator. The SRAM is divided into different block sizes. The first memory block (982KB) is reserved for two sample files. The free space for a sample to be loaded decreases depending on the size of the sample being loaded first. The 2nd and 3rd memory blocks are provided for two 32KB waveform banks for oscillator 1 and oscillator 2. When switching to a different waveform bank, the data is loaded from the SD card into the SRAM. The fourth memory block serves as a buffer for the graphic representation of the sample file.

Pic 1: 1MB XRAM in the Degnerator
Pic 2: Osc menu page


I start now with my MOBO PCB .
Works on the first try



Great news André!



In order to bridge the wait for the degenerator, I have uploaded a few current demo sounds from the degenerator on The sounds consist of different samples, which are played back via oscillator 1 + 2. LFO1 modulates the delay panorama and osc2. Have fun listening.



Hallo … halla
My good friend Andre from Oer-Erkenschwick is currently developing the PCB layout for the
Pannelboard. Next week Monday before the holiday is again a team meeting. It will
Predominantly around the housing design and the filter card used. Furthermore, a few
Little things were discussed and the second prototype tested. I for my part have the final
Schematic for the Pannelboard drawn and program still at some trifles rum. To the
In conclusion, the degenerator is still a boot loader to get current firmware via SD card
to load.

Image: Degenerator Pannelboard


New case designe…


just a very rough first sketch! :slight_smile:


Are there illuminated cutouts anround the encoders? That’s a nice touch.


Yes, there will be for Encoders and Potis :slight_smile:


The second case designe…


Considering the name, I like the dark version better


Still very much a first sketch :slight_smile:


The first 3D case designe…


The black and white are good looking, and I like the stripes (a little bit of Sinclair ZX Spectrum touch is always nice :slight_smile: