Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"


Ups… Diode D9 is incorrectly drawn. The current can not flow to X4 :wink:
Here is the correct circuit.


This is the current measurement.



R1, R2, R5 drawn incorrectly

Additionally C18 for a better stability of the voltage control

C7, C15 Capacity is reduced because little current at the output required

Greetings from germany. Rolf


Once again correction!

1N5822 is change to 1N5818 The UF from 1N5822 is too high for enable switch regulator P3596


Hi my fiends!

Just Andre sent me the first psb-designe from the motherboard of Degenerator. On left top site is the position from power connector and negativ switching regulator P3596. Under the regulator the components of the voltage monitoring. These Components are covered by the CPU board. Right next to the negativ switching regulator position 4 liniar voltage regulators for + 3.3V + 5V + 8V -8 Volt. For the + 5V regulator
there will be a heat sink.
On the top right site of motherboard are planned the position of the Midi-jacks and the audio jacks. On the free place are planned the delay and VCA circuit.

Greetings from germany. Rolf


The development of the motherboard PCB in progress :slight_smile:


Looking good! Are you developing the case in parallel as well? Or is it something you’ll tackle afterwards?



Another designer develops our case. Then we make the pcb for the panelboard.


Hi Rolf,
I suppose it will be possible to buy only the PCBs and the case…?
Thanks for your impressive work !



… and the LCD too?


Hi actual it looks so . I must only do the effects unit and than the mobo is ready .
And yes , we will sell the PCB’s , the PCB ‘s as a kit and a easy kit .
Easy kit - all PCB’S are build , you only need to plug it together .
Hey man , this is realy hard work . Hopefully we get the MOBO PCB in the end if this month .
If the MOBOO is ready the main works is done .
Than we only do the pannel board - the designer is Hannes , and the filterboard.
I am not sure if we shoul take our Filterboard or a special SMR4 - pole mission. board with 4…6 different filters , but based on the SMR4 - stereo !
I have made it so DIY friendly as i can . But it is a lot to solder .


I hope there’s a lot to solder, it’s so fun to DIY !

Thanks !


> Than we only do the pannel board – the designer is Hannes
Oh yes!


In works , only 4 wires to route.


Great work! I like how the different sections are nicely labeled. The PWR-LEDs will also be a great help for DIY-beginners, to check the power supply.


One question: Why don’t you use shrouded headers (“Wannenstecker”) for the K3 and K4 connectors on the CPU board? This will stop people from plugging their cables in backwards.


Hi guys

I have solved the problem because of disturbances in sound of Degenerator. Now its verry fine and same vs shruthi." A lot of sound can here":


Hi guys…

The second Oscillator is right now. Here an little live performance from my Degenerator with two oscillators.

Live performance with two Oscillators

Osc1 Saw, Osc2 change waveforms, LFO1 mod VCA Pan, a little Delay from PT2399 in Degenerator.


I am working on it

The sound quality is not as good as I recording with my smartphone.


Super SAW in Degnerator and and other things…

Littel problems with audio and video sync! I have recorded sound and video separately for better sound quality (VSDC and Audacity).