Shruthi SVF - Calibration Issues....please help!

My Shruthi seems great, but I’m having some issues with calibration. It seems straightforward, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m wondering if I’m not setting up the init patch properly. At first, I wasn’t getting any sound when I was supposed to be hearing the pure sine wave. Now I’m hearing what sounds like a messed up sawtooth. There is a tone triggered when the key is pressed, as well as after the key is released. Any ideas?? Thanks!

This is the sound I’m getting:

Here’s how I made the init patch:

1. Pressed S6 to get to patch menu.
2. Held S6, then clicked S1 to initialize patch 1.
3. Then I started preparing to tune Filter by adjusting these parameters: Osc 1 shape: none, Osc 2 shape: none, Filter cutoff: 64, Filter resonance: 63, Env/LFO modulations: 0

At this point I should be hearing the pure sine wave tone, but this is the sound I’m getting instead. The beginning of the recording is simple note on/off, then a comparison of notes that are an octave apart. I think the last part somewhat resembles a sine wave, but I’m comparing it to a DX7, so it definitely sounds off to me.

Not normal… I bet you have to push the gain very high on your audio interface to hear that…

Do you still get normal sounding stuff - for example with the presets?

Thanks for your reply. The gain is on 3 in that recording, so that isn’t too bad compared to other things I’ve recorded. However, that’s kind of strange because I was about to record some examples of presets, and I realized I was pushing the gain up to 9. The presets sound normal, but really quiet.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first, but now I’m unable to read anything on my screen. It’s as bright as it was before, but nothing shows up, even when I adjust the trimmer. I took a look at both boards, and noticed C9 on the filter board is blown. I’m currently ordering multiple replacements. Would that part have anything to do with the LCD display or the original issue?

> Would that part have anything to do with the LCD display or the original issue?

Unlikely to explain anything related to the LCD, but could explain weird behavior of filter 1.

Do you have any idea what would cause C9 to go out like that? Are there any specific parts I should take a look at?