Shruthi start with old setting

Hello People,

One of my Shruthis have a strange behavior. After Power on, the shruthi starts with no “Boot-Screen” and the last settings before power of. I cannot find a setting for this mode. And I don’t like it :slight_smile:

Where I can change this?

Press and hold the rotary encoder switch and switch the Shruthi-1 on. This toggles that mode.

You mean the Shruthi boots with the patch loading page?

If so, keep the encoder pressed when you boot the Shruthi, then restart it. The problem should be gone.

Thank you it Works

Actually I’ll like my Shruthi’s to start from where I left off.
I will soon move to firmware 1.01 where I read in the manual for XT that there are another function assigned for this boot up sequence. But even at v.0.98 I’m not able to change this as described over?

> Actually I’ll like my Shruthi’s to start from where I left off.

Are you referring to the option that allows the synth to boot on the preset page, reloading the last preset? It’s present in v1.0x too, there’s now an official system setting for this.

Note that this doesn’t restore the complete state of the synth of course (otherwise, everytime you would tweak a pot, the synth would freeze to save the setting to eeprom…)

Thanks! Yes I found it replaced the CV menu from older versions. I remember course the new XT manual still use the old screenshoot :slight_smile:

Not complaining, but I’m a bit dazzled that not more users like the’re synths to boot up with previous used seq/apr and sound settings? It should also prove useful for live use if power failure occur.