Shruthi start whith C4 note in "seq mode" when sync whith my drum machine

In “sequencer mode” and “external sync” whith my drum machine, a C4 note is played as soon as start the drum machine.
Not in "arp mode"
It’s annoying …
I think that the RX5 send a start message but my other synth don’t start if I dont play …
You have an idea for Shruti starts synchronized just when I play ?

It is very important for me that the sequencer starts on a start message, please don’t change this! :slight_smile:

I understand your problem, but if I had may things differently, don’t you think people would have complained that the sequencer of the Shruthi does not start when it receives a start message?

Yes i understand … customers are never satisfied :slight_smile:
I can stop the note with damper pedal then Shruthi stays synchronized and I can trigger whith the right note. But the sequence start always whith the C4 note …

Wouldt be a Sequencer that doesnt start on a Startsequence more or less a Stopquencer?

It is normal that the sequencer starts when it receives a start message, but I do not understand why if I do not play anything on the keyboard the sequence selected is played on C4 note, it’s annoying in live : as soon as I start my drum machine the sequence is played on C4 …

Doesn’t work to send a note message right after the start message?

Why don’t you program your sequence in such way that it’s right when triggered from c4?

flip yes when i play the notes that I want it's ok, but when i release the key : C4 is back ..shiftr i don’ t understant sorry :slight_smile:
@fcd72 i want to try a Stopquencer You have a link ?

My keyboard have a “panic” button ( “all note off” i presume) it’s work for killing the C4 note ( and all notes from the other synth ! ) , then, i can play sequence that i want synchronized whith the drum machine.
it is annoying when i play live and that i want start the drum machine after the Shruthi sequence.
It seemed to me yesterday I could use the sustain pedal to stop the sequence but I was wrong.

You could use a NoPass-Filter as a Stopsequencer… while the Circuit itself works a bit different, the Result is the same.

Edit: A thing most people dont know: you can use a NoPass Filters Input as a superprecise CV source for calibrating, it emits exactly 0,00000000000 ±0 V.

Wonderful thanks ! can i use it with that please ?

Nope it has no CV in/out/thru/whatsoever

Those RX models can output midi notes, are you sure that your RX-5 doesn’t send the offending C4 ?

I disabled the “note messages” from the RX.
It’s the same thing when Shruthi is synchronized whith another sequencer, Ableton for exemple : starting the Shruthi sequencer by a a start message also start C4 note.

As I said, I believe what the Shruthi currently does is the best behaviour (sequencer should immediately start upon receiving a “Start” message - rather than wait for the player to press a key).

For your own personal use, you can modify the firmware and remove this line then recompile the firmware.

Whow … It is certain that I will try this, thank you very much

And i also believe Shruthi currently does is the best behaviour and I think I’m the only one who is bothered by this : thanks again
This is an opportunity to try to modify the firmware, I have never done before :slight_smile:

Good article on the wiki ! but … I have a little problem to find how to convert my new “shruthi.hex” in a “.mid” or “.syx” …

“make syx”

I can :

  • Setting up a development environment on my computer
  • Change the right line in the right place in the Shruthi firmware
  • Recompile the firmware, convert in syx file and updating the Shruthi firmware by MIDI

I’m the new Olivier Gillet I want to make my own synth
Everything seems to work perfectly, thanks again pichenette ! :slight_smile: