Shruthi Sourcing: headers

I’ve got my BOM in mouser and updated IC sockets to current models, but a couple types of header board connectors are backordered and I want to keep it to 1 shipment. The arduino stacking headers can be sourced on the bay for a reasonable price but the 6x1 FCI male ones spec’d aren’t available there. Is mouser 649-68000-406HLF the tin version of the gold one in the BOM? it doesn’t have measurements. Any other mouser parts fit the bill that are in stock?
Thanks, Johnny

You could always buy longer (24x1 etc) and cut them shorter. You’ll save also some bucks.

so as long as it’s 2.54 pitch it’ll fit? what does the au measurement mean, and does length matter?

Yeah pitch must be 2.54.
By Au you mean plating? If yes, then it’s the gold plating thickness in micrometers. Tin plated will work also.
Mating Post length should be over 5mm and terminal post should be over 2mm.

That could be what au means but I wasn’t sure. The description of the spec’d part is “Headers & Wire Housings 6P STR SR TMT HDR .76 AU .45IN LENGTH” not sure what length is referring to, wouldn’t all 6p 2.54 pitch headers be just as long? I just want to avoid reordering parts.

There are different lengths. Check the datasheet and compare it with datasheet for part what is given in MI BOM.

If you want ones that are exactly right:

Digikey SAM1184-08-ND for the socket and SAM1067-08-ND for the header (15.75mm is the correct length of the pins)

thanks everyone, I ordered last night so it could ship before the weekend. I went with “Headers & Wire Housings 6P STR SR TMT HDR .38 AU .45IN LENGTH” mouser# 649-77311-818-06LF which should be the same except for a tiny bit less gold plating.

@altitude: thanks, data sheet gives a mating post length of 5.84mm and term post length 3.05mm for both the spec’d one and the one I ordered, did I make a mistake here?

To be honest, I dont even know what the official way to do it is (how you are supposed to stack them). This is what the 15.75mm long Samtecs look like. The length is right with the 22mm standoff and they fit tight (they have square posts, not flat like the arduino ones)

ok I see what’s going on. The spec construction has two stacking female headers and a shorter male, while yours is perhaps more elegant. I have enough of those stacking headers so hopefully everything will work out.