Shruthi Sound Problem

Hello, thanks in advance if someone can help with this issue.
From one day to the other, my shruthi starts sounding kind of (digital?)distorted, looks like all the patches sound the same, and the two leds on the side, are always on, and this thing only happened when the resonance used to be full open.

I attached a video so you can see what im talking about :

PD : I reinstall the OS and upload some diferent patches, and the problem persist.

than you very much for your help.


Have you set the correct filter type (4pm in this case I suppose) in the settings menu?

Thanks for the reply. Exactly, was in another filter mode. But now I select 4 Pole and the sound still dirty and when play a note, all the presets kind of have a kick in the begining when y play. And there is a noise when i play notes.

I dont know what can be wrong, there is a kind of test that i can do?

That kick in the beginning might come from a constant high resonance, though that is just a wild guess. I assume that either the connection between the two boards or something in the filter board is wrong. Does the problem also Happen if you turn your oscillators of? And then feed an external signal in?

Thanks for the reply. The things are getting worst. now the screen shows squares at the beggining. If i upload again the OS 1.02, the process go well, but the buttons do nothing.
And if i turn of and turn again, the synth show again the squares and do nothing.
Before this i tried the outputs of the oscilators (the pins on the left of the PCB) and they sound good, so the problem is the filter yes.
Im starting to desesperate.
Thanks in advance.

Do you guys think that if replace all the microcontrollers on the filter it will change
something? Or.Change the ATMEGA one?
Looks like all. Of the other components are working well
Why if I turn off and turn on again, it.goes again blank :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

That is indeed strange. The buttons might be nonfunctioning due to a broken 74HC165 IC (Top right IC of the Digital board), but it also is odd that the ATmega is not booting correctly after power off, so I wouldn’t rule that out either.
Luckily both of these chips are not very expensive, but do you have the ability to flash the ATmega after replacing it? Updating via MIDI won’t work because it will be lacking the required bootloader!

It seems that the filter-board is working fine. In your first video, it seems that you had selected the wrong filterboard in the settings, it has to be the 4pm option.

Thanks, now i cannot select the rigght filter, becasue of the buttons failure.
But before this thing happened, i was able to choose the right filter and the sound was shitty too, and the presets no matter what sounds strange.
I saw how to program the atmega chip, i think i can do it with arduino.
I will try to replace some of the chips and see what happen.
any way i have no choice heheh