Shruthi sound Editing

Now, since my Shruthi is ready and i started to work on the first demo track i have more and more questions about the Shruti sound editing and modulation routing.

1. Is it possible to sync the LFO’s to midi clock?
2. Can i assign a LFO to a OSC shape parameter?
3. Is there a parameter randomize feature to create random patch settings?
(I implemented this in my synth Automat and it is great to come up with new sounds.)
4. How can i set all settings in a patch to a 0 / off or default position?

Randomise is implemented. Hold down the far right button and the press the leftmost button to randomise.

Thanks, but on my Shruthi this resets all parameter and i have a init patch. So this is more likely the answer to my 4. question. But you got me on the right track. I found that S1 + S6 = init and S2 + S6 = randomize. Very cool.

The answer to all these questions are in the manual.

1. Yes, set the LFO speed to one of the values prefixed by x. x16 = one LFO cycle per sixteen steps (4 beats). x4 = one LFO cycle per four steps (1 beat) and so on.

2. Yes, in the modulation matrix. Set lfo as source ; pw1 or pw2 as the destination.

3. S6 + S2 on the load/save page

4. S6 + S1 on the load/save page

@pichenettes, thanks, works great.

What I use for #4
Create a basic patch with everything off, and say one osc switched on. Save as “Init”, then use this “Init” patch as a starter for patch creation.

Dunk, if you don’t like the Shruthi-1’s “init” patch, you can modify it in the code here

Thats good to know. I may well have a go a loading the code one day so I will try that. Thanks