Shruthi SMR4 with diode ladder added

Hi. Just thinking has someone made already mod to SMR4 filter adding diodes in resonance circuit like in LP2+delay? Actually I like dirty resonance in LP2+delay and planning to add this section with diodes to Ambika SMR4 voice card. I noticed I can use one gate of IC5 which is ,unemployed’’.

Hi heniek!

You may like to cast an eye over my SDE (Sound Designer Edition) mods for the SMR4 MkII, since among other things I add six filter flavours using various diode arrays:


Hi. Thanks Martin for reply. It looks and sounds like definitely added on TO DO list. But this SDE mod deserves for xt version I think which is qued up. I’ll make some experiments this weekend with messing up on my SMR4 voice cards adding diodes in resonance.