Shruthi SMR4-MkII Programmer Filter Issue

After playing today with my Shruthi Programmer I noticed that the Filter does not self-oscillate anymore.

It worked fine before the Programmer transformation and I am wondering what could it be that prevents it´s self oscillation.

My Programmer is Frank´s kit that includes the toggle switches for all of the Filter´s modes (+1,+3 and 2pole-4pole).

Any ideas/theories before I have to open and sort all the spaghetti mess? I have been quite lazy lately and left the issue unresolved, especially after the soldering inferno of all the pots´wiring, but have decided to see what you guys would make of it before tackling blindly the issue.

It could just be that your pot for the Resonance is not calibrated properly. Try turning the resonance all the way up with the rotary encoder before doing anything drastic.

Is the filter board setting correctly set to LPF?

Make sure none of the wires from the smr4 board to the ftontpanel are touching each other. When I built my programmer I didn’t check my writing very thoroughly and some of the smr4 wires were touching, making the resonance working improperly.

Besides checking for the Filter setting there isnt much you can do from the outside…