Shruthi SMR4 : 7805 overheating at first test [SOLVED]

Hi again,

i have just finished to assembly everything, and now I am stuck at the 11th step…
When I turn on the Shruthi, it doesn’t start and the 7805 is overheating. I am using a 12V - 2A DC , do you need a picture of anything ?
I don’t understant where is the problem…

Have you performed the voltage test on the filter board?

I assume you are at Step 11 of the Digital Board.

First, did you perform the Power SupplyTest at Step 5 of the Instructions?
If not, do it now!

The 7805 get so hot because it has to deliver to much current - check for shorts!

Yes and everything was right. between 5 and 5.1V and 5/-5,1 , do I didn’t have any problems at this time :/

Don’t Cross the Streams!

I have check and there is not shorts on the both boards !

hahaha fcd72 ^^

Yes everything is right with solderings on the mkII, and seems same on the control board… Not any shorts !
Do you want a picture of the boards ?

How did you check this?
If it gets to hot there is a short. Perform just the Power tests to see wether it is on the Filter or the Digital Board.


Pads at the Caps for C14 look suspicious for example…

I have done the Power test on the SMR4 board : everything is right. So it comes when I plug the control card on the SMR4. What must I do now ?

Check for shorts on the Control Board if you are shure the Filter is OK (which means the 7805 doesnt get hot when plugged in for prolonged time.).

Post a Pic of Both sides, maybe we can spot something.

Here they are :slight_smile:

What’s that big white blob on the bottom left pins of IC 2?

Right ! Everything is good now :slight_smile:

Gampopa 7:01PM
I have check and there is not shorts on the both boards !

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