Shruthi /SM4 Clicking sound

Thanks in advance. I’m new here and just built a Shruthi1/ SM4. The tests as it was being built all looked fine. Upon completion with midi hooked up to input, all I get is a click noise when I play a note? The display looks fine shows the midi note input, I can scroll thru all the screens just fine. Scrolling thru all the preset sounds, doesn’t change anything, same click sound and that’s all.
I have checked all my solder joints and looked for bent pins etc. I’ve been soldering for many years and have worked as a elec tech, so I hope it isn’t something dumb I did. I’m powering off a 9v battery, waiting on my power supply to arrive.
Again thanks for any insights you folks can provide.
Just reloaded firmware and presets, no change.

Could you please post a picture of your boards?

In scanning thru the patches there is some change in the sound (click) ,some presets have other noise in addition to the click sound

Where are the filter board pics?

Ok, I have both boards photos now. If you need anything specific photo’d let me know.
Today I’m going to go back thru the assembly instructions step by step and see if there is something I messed up.

The best way to diagnose such problems is to hook up the filter board to the control board with jumper wires (so that you can freely access the filter board while it is still connected to the control board), power the whole mess, and probe the signal at these points to see where it disappears:

Will a volt meter work to monitor the points? What voltage level should I expect?

No, you should ‘probe’ the points! That means you are listening to the signal on these points. See the build manual and/or search the forum.
There are also a lot of bad solder joints i see on the picture. (see attached picture)
I think you shoudl resolder them. I might also help to clean your board (search forum for clean PCB).
good luck!

OK I have made some progress here. I was checking continuity between the 2 boards and found that it seemed intermittent. cleaned the connectors between the boards and I have sound ! Yipeee. The only thing is now I only have one sound when I scroll thru the presets it doesn’t change, just a nice pad sound. When I was trouble shooting I reloaded the presets with the downloaded SYX file from here. I used midi ox. looked like it loaded fine but I must have messed that up.

Everything is working ! This is an amazing little synth. Thanks Shiftr for pointing out the crappy solder joints my very old eyes missed. I recently got back into Synths about a year ago and am having a ball. The last time I built a synth was around 1973 , it was a PAIA kit, sort of a modular thingy that never could stay in tune for more than about 20 seconds hahaha.
Thanks again for helping an old guy out…

Congratulation and have fun with it!

great! have fun!