Shruthi screen problems

hello, after several months of happiness with my shruthi, last day, for no reason, the screen started to have problems. Then, he came back normal few seconds, and again it doesn’t work good.
here is a picture :
where could this come from ?

I’ve seen such coming from too much pressure to the lcd enclosure. Is it possible that somehow a torsion force is affecting the lcd in your front plate ? If not, it may be possible that your display is on the way to meet his ancestors…

it spent the night on my desk, very wisely ! no torsion or fall… I triend to change the power supply, but it’s still the same.
And for example, when I browse the programs, sometimes I have half of the screen, sometimes strange characters.
It’s so young, too young to meet his ancestors !

I’ve had a similar problem, does the whole screen work if you apply pressure to it? (Not too much pressure, but some pressure nonetheless, try different areas of the screen to test)

I also had a similar issue. For me, resoldering the LCD contact pins to the board and the contrast trimmer as well did the trick.

I’ve had strange screen issues as well where it would do display strange characters, and as I turned encoders and knobs it would get worse, and light pressure on the display would also affect it. Same thing on an Ambika. Rebooting always fixed mine though, and it in fact hasn’t happened in months. I always think I should ask here but never have.

If pressure on screen fixes it, you need to resolder the 16 pin header on both sides, and all three pins(pay special attention to the ground pin) of the contrast trimmer… For me it was the pesky ground connection on the darn contrast trimmer that turned out to be flaky…

Thanks for your answers !
when I push on the screen nothing changes. When I set the contrast trimmer “full on” the dark part appears but when I navigate int the menus, sometimes the screen goes all dark.
I’ll try to resolder all this, I hope it’ll work

Other possibilities:


Connection between filter board and control board is bad, either due to the soldering on the pins or the header (too short?)

But these would result in the LEDs going out and unit restarting.

Hi !

here is a video of the problems :

I checked solderings and resoldered the trim pot, nothing changed.
Do I have to change the screen ? or it comes from elsewhere ?

thanks !

Will the screen light turn off or complete screen?
If the characters disappear and you look the display closely in different angles. Do you see still the characters?

I see you have some plastic between the PCB and screen. Have you tried to remove it?

The plastic is to avoid contact between the screen and the pcb, I removed it and nothin changed.

When the characters disappear, there is still some light, but less, and I can read not easily in some angles. And sometimes, some pixels still stay on.

It’s really strange. If you lift the LCD from the unsoldered side a bit and then try to recall the fault. Is the result still the same? Just thinking maybe you have some kind micro short under the LCD. First it worked and then some sharp edges gone trough the plastic what you used for protection.

I experienced a nearly same issue - resolved by a thin piece of rubber under the display. The pins penetrated the insulation tape.

Adrian, you're right, there was a little hole in the plastic. But when I lift the LCD, nothing changes.nightworxx, did you need to change de LCD screen ?

so… do I need to try with a new lcd screen ?

thanks again !

No, i applied some heat to the solder pins on the top and lifted the display about 1mm. And then put the rubber sheet under, as failsafe.


I finally changed the screen, and it works now ! The back of the old screen had probably overheat, we can see it on the sticker “qc passed”