Shruthi screen fried?

I just recently did the bandpass mod for the smr filter and today I turned on my shruthi and the screen is not working??? Thoughts?

are the LEDs on?


Little blocks

I was talking about the 8 LEDs.

From your message it looks like the backlight of the LCD still works and that you see blocks on the screen.

If you see only one row of blocks -> check all the soldering joints on the 16 pins LCD.

If you see two rows of blocks -> check the soldering joints on the contrast trimmer.

Most likely explanation is that disassembling the Shruthi weakened a soldering joint.

Ok awesome yes one row of blocks thank u

No my LEDs are not on

The processor does not boot at all then… Try to redo all the visible solder joints.

Are you sure the metal tab of the regulators on the filter boards did not touch something on the control board? Another possibility for shorts would be lose wires from your mod touching the control board.

Ok thank you so much I am still a beginner and I will admit that my work could be tight I will give it a once over and try to tighten everything up. The worst possible case would I need to order a new board?