Shruthi RN1 Resistor Network

I somehow ordered an 8-pin part instead of 7 from Farnell and don’t want to have to pay a load on delivery for one little bit. I can’t find much available in or too the UK but would an A07-103J work?

If not any chance someone could sell me a part that would?


Back in the Old days we did it the official Mutable Instruments Way:

More funny historical pictures here

assuming the 8 pin part is of the right value and is a bussed to common part you should be able to clip of the last lead on the end away from the dot and use the part you have now. Its just a resistor to nowhere.

My mistake it’s actually 9pin, but I believe it is the same as the part being mutilated in the pic so that’s great news, cheers guys.

Measure it after mutilating and before soldering…

…and if it doesn’t work, or is the wrong type (I ordered the correct part, but was mistakenly sent an 8-pin one with four separate resistors rather than seven resistors and a common connection), just make up by carefully twisting together seven 1% resistors


Can’t find the picture, but Schrab made one out of bits of cut leads and SMD resistors.

EDIT: found it…

@qp: that’s exactly what I did with my standard resistors, except mine doesn’t look quite so elegant :wink:


Would this part work?

Seems to be 6 bussed resistors, 7-pin.

Yes, I’ve used these on Anushri. Good to know that they are finally available from Farnell!

Phew! Excellent. Now for some suitable ceramic 18pf caps from Farnell (without having to pay for the US stock!).

Actually, it will be possible to find them because they now offer their multicomp ceramic caps in Europe too! The reference might be different but I’m sure they are there!

I think i used these ones on my last build

Really? That’d be nice. I’ve only been able to find UK stock of the 22pf multicomps (would these do for the crystal on the main board?).

Thanks shiftr – wondered about those too. Seems they don’t carry much stock of them, as the next delivery is in November.

Oh there out of stock again? hmmbummer