Shruthi resetting values?

I just flashed a control board for an SMR4 and I’m getting sound, but it doesn’t seem like the knobs are doing anything to the filter, and the values keep resetting themselves in the display. What could be causing that? I recently built an XT and it did this until I switched to XT mode (hold down encoder, turn on), but doing that here isn’t fixing the problem. I actually built a second control board, for a LPF/delay build, and it has the same exact issue. Could it be an issue with the upload?

Did you compile the firmware yourself? I suggest using the precompiled hex files, as certain compiler versions produce code that is too large to fit the memory of the chip. I’ve had various problems because of that (mostly related to weird characters on the display… but who knows, it’s worth a try)

I did, and it seems like that was the problem. I uploaded Yarns and everything works perfectly. Thanks for the response! Sometimes I think no one reads these types of posts. I appreciate it

Great, I’m glad it works now! :slight_smile:

I read most of the posts here and reply whenever I find I can contribute something to the discussion.
When nobody answers for a long time, I may just be that the problem is very exotic and nobody knows a solution. Or that the problem description is unclear. What I found is that a clear description of a) what I did, b) what I expected to happen and c) what happened instead is the key to getting useful feedback on the web.

And it’s actually quite enjoyable to help solve other peoples problems if they provide good information about it, because I’ve received so much brilliant help myself.

Have fun with the new Shruthi!