Shruthi - rack mount options

Hi, i’m new to this forum, so please excuse me if this question has been asked before, it relates to rack mount options for Shruthi.
I have gone over the discussion threads and note that at various times there have been some discussion on options for rack mounting shruthi.
I also note that there are some people that have already done this. I also note that there is a rack mounting kit for Anrushi: i was wondering if there are any options, anywhere, for purchasing rack mount panels for Shruthi or if this is something one would have to do themselves using, say, Front Panel Express or a similar service?

i’m sure fcd72 is able to fulfill your wish. you’ll end up with 3 next to each other in a 3U euro rack, probably :wink:

Or a programmer, rackmount of course :wink:

Like this?

thanks for the replies, … yes, that’s the picture i had been looking at, looks great … are the shruthi panels shown in the picture available to purchase? if not maybe the panel design files?

thanks again

Ahem, btw Frank: is your 19" programmer design 3 HE ?

Drop me a Line: fcdaniels (ät) me (pünktchen) com

Shure, its EuroRack Format, what else?

Hi Frank, just thought i’d check … per your suggestion above i emailed you offline, i’m thinking i might have not got your email correct, although i didn’t get a bounce either, or it might be that you need to get some module building done rather than being so fast on your email as you were yesterday!
thanks Frank

I <3 my racked 4PM. Put some fuscia Davies clones on it the other night. Lovely.

Is it still possible to get something like this? Putting it on my rack is exactly what I want for my Shruthi.

What color?

There are options? What colors do you have?

Loneraver, is that your handle on YouTube?

Pretty much every color you ever have seen on a shruthi :wink:

I put my Dual SVF in a solid white case. I love the look of it.

I’m loneraver2 on youtube.

I have a clear shruthi cover but I don’t like it. I’d be happier with a gray panel

Actually I would love to have it in a while panel just like you can see in sammy123’s pictures.

Drop me a message here loneraver…