Shruthi PSU?


Can someone tell me which PSU will work on the Shruthi.

Will this one work -

The seller has more. Can someone have a check and link me the correct psu for the shruthi.


1 : 2.1mm DC power jack. The Shruthi can be powered with a 7.5V-9V unregulated supply, or with a 9V battery adapter. Make sure that the connector has a center pin (or tip) positive / outer collar (or sleeve) negative pin polarity. Most universal power supplies allows the polarity to be selected – the polarity being often represented by a diagram like this: - (o +, or by the indication tip: + . The power supply has a reverse polarity protection.

Thats from the Shruthi Manual…

What you have there looks okay, Ive used switching, unregulated, variable voltage Pifco supplies on an XT and a 1 with no hassle…


This psu work -