Shruthi programmer knobs question

after solved every problem with my new shruthi i’ve got a question about knobs, how do you perform to installed the white knobs of the controller board, i use the same of this picture
Thanks for your advice.

You look for the screw hole in the side, and try to screw it onto the pot.

It would probably have been a good idea to buy round pots, intended for screw style knobs, but you might be able to fit them anyways. :slight_smile:

Hi V`cent, thanks for your answer,
Ok but it seems that i don’t give enough details in my question … excuse me !
I have screwed these knobs into programmer pots, that’s ok but the pots in controller board are standard and D-shaft … and of course they are too fine for these knobs … that’s why i ask what’s the trick to install them correctly !

Get different pots.
Try putting them on anyway.
Get different knobs.

Those are pretty much the options.
I haven’t tried putting screw-on knobs on D-shaft pots, but if you are not too violent it might work.
Please do report back if you try this route :slight_smile:

Ok i’ll try that tonight and will let you know … Now it’s time to use my brain :wink:

I have used set screw knobs with d shaft pots. Often it helps to put a piece of heat shrink tubing over the shaft, shrink it on, then install the knob so that the set screw tightens against the flat spot.

Yes you’re right joshuagoran it’s a very good idea Thanks :slight_smile:

@joshuagoran, that’s a good idea. I use set screw knobs on D-shafts all the time but sometimes they are a bit off centre. I don’t really notice it much but the heat shrink tubing idea would help that.

Yeah, if you use the kind that is just big enough to fit and you shrink it all the way and make sure the heat shrink isn’t too long that it rubs on anything, it works great.

It is also good for using knobs which are technically made for 6.35mm (1/4") on 6mm shafts even if they are smooth shaft. I first saw this trick in an L-1 build guide, though surely many folks use it.

Ok i have found the solution … a piece of paper ! And that’s ok :slight_smile: Here a photo with some friends !