Shruthi Programmer and V 1.01

Updated mine yesterday and could not find the change cv to prg option. Went back to 0.98. Is there a newer version with the prg option instead of the display option?

It’s no longer controlled by a menu setting - because too many people selected the wrong option and got a crazy synth with flickering parameters and non-operating knobs.

Here’s how to do it: Boot the synth with the encoder pressed. Repeat until it shows “XT classic” on the screen.

And the old programmer doesn’t really work well with the v1.x firmware… The update of the interface is much slower. (unless this is fixed without me knowing it) and by the way @pichenttes if you ever feel like checking the v1.0 it with a XT classic i can send you mine to check for a while. I won’t need it before end of november.

LOL - can remember when i finished my first one, i was confused too because of the flickering, but the small beast sounds fine so i ignored.
Thank you for your superfast reply - maybe somebody can update the manual.

> maybe somebody can update the manual.

This is actually explained in the manual:


Hardware selection

The Shruthi firmware can run on 3 versions of the hardware:

“Classic” version with 4 knobs.
“XT classic” – original design by fcd72.
“XT” – with aluminum panel, sold as a kit.
The kits are sold with chips already configured for the correct version of the hardware. However, you might face the situation in which a chip configured for one version of the Shruthi is inserted into another version.

This might lead to unexpected behavior such as flickering values on the screen, or buttons not correctly reacting to presses. To configure the correct version of the hardware, power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.


I struggled here:

System settings

cv. (cv.mode): Enables software handling of specific input devices connected to the CV inputs. 4 cv in is the default: the 4 voltages at the 4 CV ins are read and made available in the modulation matrix. prgm must be selected to enable Frank Daniels’ programmer. pedals directly map CV1 and CV2 to oscillator 1 and 2’s parameter, and CV3 to the cutoff frequency. It has been used for a custom-built Shruthi with an expression pedal connector and a joystick…

There are two manuals:

v1.00 and above

Ok my fault - better look twice