Shruthi Program change troubles

hello mutable community,

so i’m having some difficulty with one of my Shruthi’s program changing. I have built two. SVF version and 4 pole mission. i am using Logic Nine as my Seq/DAW

so the 4 pole mission is working fine. i am able to program change to every memory space available on the synth. Now the SVF is a different story. i can only PC to the first 127 programs. i’m using logic’s event list to write in the program changes.

on 4 pole i can set Bank 0 Value 1-127 for the first set of patches, then Bank 1 Value 1-127 for the next and so forth. On the SVF it seems to only access the first 127 patches regardless of the Bank Number.

am i perhaps missing a setting in the SVF, or maybe in logic. I’m pretty proficient in logic but anythings possible.

i looked over the manual and i notice it says, “You can use the bank LSB CC (0x20, 32) to load patches above 127.” not sure how to set that up. is that a program change number or a control change number? i’ve tried both with no luck

thanks for any insights anyone can give.


That should be a midi system exclusive message, often shortened to SysEx. If you can send SysEx messages from Logic, you should be able to access all the patches.

Its a CC which sets the Bank currently accessed.

Never mind me. I thought we were talking about using a DAW to save/load patches not just change the current patch on the Shruthi. Sorry about that.

I think there has been a change in the firmware - previous firmware versions used CC 32 (0x20) to change banks ; now it’s CC 00 (0x00).

Which of the two has the most recent firmware?

hey guys,

thanks for the response.
firmware is .98 on both

i got it to work using CC 00 (Bank MSB) for 1st event then Program Change for next event

thanks for the help