Shruthi preset

Hi Olivier,
Is it possible to know how you did this preset ?

Sorry, this was a Shruti-1 preset, with its notoriously squelchy and approximately tuned CEM3379 filter.

I tried reprogramming it on the Shruthi using the same parameters:

The “trick” is to have the resonance set to a high value so that it “locks” near the fundamental and 2nd harmonic of the oscillators, and modulate the resonance by a LFO to have the dark/saturated resonance sound come and go.

You need to set up a step sequence at 150 or so BPM like this:

Setting a fast attack + arpeggio + portamento I get this

A modulation from “arp” in the mod matrix to the oscillators balance can also help make it more rhythmic.

Thank you so much !
I tweaked your patch a little bit … and voila !