Shruthi Power Switch?

I noticed that on the MI shop, the current Shruthi-1 Complete Kit has the two volume pots and power switches included in the photos.

I wonder if the plexi enclosure has the location for these?

I am asking because I might consider upgrading mine.

Anybody has these and care to share a photo? Not just any power switch, I am curious about the “official” location!

I would guess it’s an old pict. I seem to recall my first kit came with them. But hardly anyone used them, as they were optional. Plus Franks cases don’t really cater for them anyway.
If you have the hex side panels though, then it’s fairly easy to fit a pot or 2 into those… But the rocker switch would likely need a custom panel, or new case entirely.

A long long time ago (when the photo was taken), I used to provide gain pots and on/off switches and it confused everybody. They are no longer part of the kit (90% of the kit are bought with a case, that cannot house the extra pots/switches anyway).

Oh, ok I thought that Frank might have designed the back panel with a switch, but looking at it it is quite tightly packed as it is, it is not as easy as Anushri or Ambika.

Power Switch and/or Pots just dont fit in this compact design. Also theres no point in switching after the PSU, as the PSU will then draw power anyway, wether Shruthi is on or off - modern Switching Power PSUs less, older ones more. Best is switching Mains off for all of your equipment when not in use, gives your Karma a green touch…

I agree green means just unplug your wall wart.

It is just that having a power switch has more to do with having a complete Usage Experience.

Having small stuff like a welcome screen like in Shruthi (missing in Ambika), and having a power switch to flick and bring the monster to life is part of the fine polishing I like to have in such finely designed products as MI makes.

I have power switches on all but my most recent Shruthi and really, they are useless. Everything is hooked to a power bar and is powered on with one main switch anyways. Now, input and output volume is another story…

why not have that power switch on a (for example) rackmount multiple socket outlet where you would plug all your gear you’re using and switch it all on and off with just one switch?
putting a switch behind a wallwart power supply would be outright silly from a manufacturer’s viewpoint, also from the view of the power bill payer :wink:
in synths etcetera it only makes sense if it has an onboard mains power supply where you can switch off the incoming lines.

It’s DIY remember, so what about a creative solution, like a reed switch and a magnet, or perhaps a tilt switch, so you could turn it on it’s side and it turns off?

How hard is the standard case to drill by the way? I think you could just get a switch in above the DC jack.


I agree with the multiple outlet switch, in fact that is what I have. I never meant to have wall warts with switches.

I just like having something to flick on a synth and bring that particular product to life.

I like MI´s latest decision in that respect (I think it´s Anushri chronologically?) which does incorporate a switch.

And if anyone likes to turn everything on with the multiple socket outlet they can leave all switches on the on position and just flick the master on.

I think it adds polish, not necessarily out of functionality, more an “experience” or “interphase” thing. Then again maybe it is just my irrationality speaking!

well as usual after speaking and thinking :wink: i would say from the manufacturer’s point it doesn’t matter except for price increase for unused features.
and, thinking about it, if there is a switch on the device you can switch things off that you don’t use in that session while they’re all plugged in. so it’s not silly per se, it would just be silly to leave it plugged forever and let it raise your bill while you’re sleeping. it also reduces lifetime of the wallwart i can imagine.

So after all i find this idea useful, as i power more than one Shruthi from one power supply.

For installing a switch, I usually drill a small hole at the rear of the case and install the switch there. On the standard fcd72 case, you don’t even need to drill a hole. A small power switch can be installed through the honeycomb on the side.

Which is ugly :wink:

A compromise:

On all my DIY boxes I use a switched Volume Pot for power on/off. Hard to sneak one in the Shruthi case but just a tip for anyone doing the Volume Mod, you can do a two for one.

“Which is ugly ;-)” Perhaps, but functional and easily removeable.

@kreeper_6: That is an excellent idea!

thijs wins the “Most obscure Power Switch” Contest!

imagine putting thijs’es switch on the side of the shruthi, cables through the honeycomb. don’t even need a cable tie then :wink: