Shruthi power supply/SMR4 MK II board - voltages incorrect

Hi all,

I’ve reached stage 5 (PSU test) and I’m reading +5.5v and 5.5 volts at the red and green test points. I’ve double checked the voltage regulators, the capacitor polarities and the IC and all is correct. I’ve read that I can temporarily connect a 10k resistor across the GND and+5.5v/-5.5v pins of the regulators but do I then leave these resistors connected for the rest of the build? Or should I proceed anyway is a .5v difference within tolerance?

Many thanks for any feedback.

This is a bit unexpected because the regulators don’t have such a large variability (depending on the batch of kits, it’s either 5% or 2% tolerance). It is quite strange that both regulators show the same excess.

How accurate is your meter? What is the voltage on each side of the diode (input voltage)?

Anyway, it won’t impact the sound much - this is close to the maximum rated voltage for the MCU and display.

7.72 on one side of the diode and 6.92 on the other. I’m confident the meter is accurate. Not sure whether to proceed or not though. Thanks for the advice.