Shruthi polivoks - no sound

i have problems withh my shr-1.
I dont get any sound.( i changed pvk in settings/midi works/jam mode works)
Any advices?


i guess some more information wouldn’t hurt: in what stage of the assembly are you exactly, are the bridges at the audio in and out soldered ? If the pvk setting would be not set correctly then you would get weird sound, but not no sound at all.

i dont get any sound (with pvk or without)

Then again, have you soldered the recommended bridges beneath the audio input and output jack ?

photos of my filter board( sorry about low quality and dirty board)

Where did you get this board?

i made it on my own with pcb making service

Alright. Good luck!

can u help me?

No, sorry.

I think that problem is in LT1054 (gets really hot - burnt my finger) and 7905 (meter doesnt show minus voltage). Any ideas?

I guess the point is: If you are going for cheap (buy the boards somewhere else) dont expect too much help.

Is it a wirebridge on C2?
If Yes, you have a shortcut - remove this bridge

And replace the LT1054 you have probably destroyed it :slight_smile:

@TheSlowGrowth: 1. polivoks boards are no longer produced, 2. shruthi is a open hardware project, and i came here for help from community instead of being “destroyed” because i didnt bought board.

Level5,pichenettes: thanks i will check it :slight_smile:

@mkl: you are not being destroyed. The general idea is that if you source your own, you are supposed to have the knowledge, skills and tools to solve issues that come up. This is the case if you have your own boards produced, this is the case if you program the MCU yourself. That is not to say that you will be completely abandoned here but you should keep your expectations on a realistic level.

@ByteFrenzy yeah, sorry, i posted this because i thaught that someone had the same isssue :wink: