Shruthi/Phoenix stereo filter out now

Hi , the stereo filter is available now for Shruthi/Phoenix.
I have update my website - please refresh your browser .
Manuals are here :

Video is here :
The Video contains also the calibration instructions.



Here is Andre’s stereo shruthi / phoenix filtering a Waldorf Blofeld

haha , you and your filterbox - but seems that you have fun.


Yes…very fun…still I can’t wait for the pure stereo filterbox…here it is again in a soundcheck filtering the opensource goom synth…moog chorus added toward the end for still more stereophonic depth:

Really cool track.

The drums in that first track are rad. It has a sci-fi film climax feel to it. Really cool.

@sammy: Thanks!
That was part of an improvised jam with a friend who is a really great finger drummer. We used the Zoom RT323 for the drums…a fun sample based box.

first video experiment with the stereo shruthi filtering the Goom…also features the Moog MF chorus, waldorf pulse 2 and MFB Tanzmaus

More gratuitous fun with animoog and stereo shruthi

can the phoenix stereo experience be approached by running two shruthis stereo ?