Shruthi Phoenix MOBO and 4PM filterboards now there >>>>Shop is open now<<<<

Hi all,

Olivier had stop now to sell single MOBO PCB’s and all Filter Boards for Shruthi.
In a discussion Olivier allows me to keep Shruthi as a DIY synth alive. And this i will do.
Yesterday i have download all files for Filter boards and the MOBO.
I will let manufacture the Shruthi MOBOS fast, but first i need a prototype. This because of switching from Eagle to Target.
I will be sure that first the new prototype works.
MOBOS in 4…6 weeks- maybe than also complete Kits for the Mobo with all in.
4PM comes but no timeline, depends on how much requests are there
Polivoiks comes but no timeline. , depends on…
SMR4MK2 not now because Olivier sells complete kits with this Filter board. Maybe later if he stops.
Atmega 644P20PU and the E-Eprom , yes i can deliver immediately within one week. Pre-programmed Atmega and E-Eprom with all sounds on the e-eprom.
Cases metal, i must discuss this with Adrian.
Cases plex , immediately within one week.

Next on



PS , i will inform here about the status.

Wow, Olivier’s children have grown up and left home, and someone else has kindly taken them in. Very nice!

Oh dang, the post I was going to put up in a couple days. Oh wells. Would seem silly to have them available from 2 different sources. Best of luck.

Well a European source and a US source wouldn’t be so bad if the demand is there.

We can prepare Gerbers for Shruthi boards for commonly used pcb houses and make them available through the forum. People can add up requests on the forum and run batches on as needed basis. One person in a batch will take responsibility for placing the order and distributing the boards within a country and will receive a free board in return. This model requires least amount of upfront investment and the effort of keeping it alive is spread among those who are interested.

Oh, who will do it in US ???
I think the best way is that the new guys in DIY have one source and a man who is responsible for building and PCB’s.
I had here the following: Want to build a Sequencer from MIDIBOX.
But , order parts from here and there , no complete DIY kit, Also the documentation is not good and the schematics not in norm. In the end i won’t do it because of much trouble with source the parts.
Here a compliment to Olivier, he had the best documentation and the best kits i know.
If you can solder , you can blind put in the parts and it will work. I have learn a much from Olivier . Thanks again. And DIY makes only fun , if you have in the end a good and working product.
Selling only PCB’s don’t works .But selling PCB’s and Kits with a good documentation and help the newbys should works. But than it is not a hobby , this is real hard work.



Yes, I totally agree. A few days back I looked into building a Midibox Seq, but even though I have done some stuff with midibox before, I found the documentation so confusing that I dropped the idea of building one.
Oliviers stuff is completely different. Excellent documentation, all resources in one place (repository!), well readable and hackable code, attention to detail (e.g. the quickstart guide and victory candy!) and absolutely no trouble building them. I have completed 6 Shruthis so far and I will continue…

Even his non-diy stuff has excellent documentation.

Anyways, glad to hear someone continuing to sell and support the different shruthi flavours!

Oh one question: Why do you convert it to target format? Most manufacturers accept eagle files directly. No need for conversion. Even for some small changes, you can use the free eagle version. What makes you go though the hassle of porting it over to target?

Thanks , i will do my best , so that in future i have the same documentation.
In plan is a step by step doku like for the Shruthacon filter for each single resistor/part so than it will be nearly impossible that something goes wrong. (sience fiction, hihi)
Bad that the Documentation on MIDIBOX is not optimal. I like to have this kind of Sequencer.
In spite of i have good knowing in electronics , i don’t know how to begin and what PCB’S i need.
What i don’t understand is the schematics . We have international standards how to draw it.
I find the same on some Arduino projects. Good Idea , but not a good schematics , and without this
i am blind.


Slightly off topic, are there pcb manufacturers that accept eagle brd files? OSHpark has that plated slot issue unfortunately.


But if you’re serious about PCBs, you send Gerbers…

Good to know. I did read a tutorial for extracting gerbers from brd files and it doesn’t seem difficult. It’s all just new to me so there is not a lot of confidence.

sammy123, OSHpark has a tutorial and a cam file for generating the specific gerbers they require. If you want, send me a pm of your email and I can send you the brd file of Braids without plated slots.

Tubeohm, I was going to do a run of Shruthi PCB’s. I will still probably do it. I need to get the run of my own DIY eurorack modules up and running first though. :slight_smile:

@Theslowgrowth: I use Traget because i have buy it. For my it is much easier than eagle and not so cost intersive. Example i buy Target for round about 300 euro. All in , schematics , PCB, simulation
auto router, Front pannel designer and tel help direct with Mr.Friedrichs. Eagle , only the schematics costs 400 euro, the PCB maker 400 euro again. Autorouter costs extra. Bad tel. support. i have wait 1 hour to ask somebody by cadsoft. No success, and no support for the free version. Why i should use eagle ?? Because the other use it ??
No, i will support companies with a good service .


Sammy123> Slightly off topic, are there pcb manufacturers that accept eagle brd files? OSHpark has that plated slot issue unfortunately.

OSH Park seems to have solved that problem. Send them Eagle files and you now get plated slots where they should be, not pads and tiny vias as previously.

André’s PCBs are first-class, as good as Olivier’s and nicer than OSH Park ones. His kits are also excellent, with quality parts. And his build instructions are great and are as detailed as Olivier’s. Having TubeOhm as an alternative source of Shruthi kits is a great idea - André, please proceed! But it isn’t a monopoly - others can also do it if they wish, due to the open-source licensing of all the Shruthi hardware and software.

@BennelongBicyclist that is good to hear. I will reach out to them.

Also, I agree André’s PCBs are nice.

Hi , yesterday i spend time until 3:00 in the morning to convert the Shruthi MOBO
PCB’s. OK phhh works now , the only thing i miss is the tubeohm label on both sides.
CC-BY-SA from Oliver is also there .
Ah Ollivier , can i take the name Shruthi , or T-SRUTI.
Dam’d , i must build here parallel 2 Ambikas in 19 case . Takes time…

Ok i think i will order next week the prototype Shruthi MOBO…
And now , like ever, the color question. I prefer black, but also green , or red or …

Ha, the day had 24 hours and if this in not enough i take the night.

Thanks a lot for this Andre :smiley: I’m so happy to see it developed to something.
Red or black PCBs would be nice.

@Benne, yes it is open source , i know and this is not a problem. I am very happy that Ollivier allows us to do it. Hope the others make also a Forum and help the people to build it.
It is not to sell PCB’s It is the after sales service behind selling PCB’S. This take the time. If it is not done in this way, only the old guys with experience can build the Shruthis , but 50 % or more of the newbys build it and it don’t works. This because of bad solder knowledge on not good knowing in electronics.
I believe that we here see in the forum maybe 30 . The rest of 70 calls Olivier direct without using the forum.
I hurry.