Shruthi PCB's coming to the USA!

Damn, those are sexy. I wish I was in the US, because - no offence intended to Tube-Ohm - I really like the look of these boards. I know it’s stupid, I know they don’t sound any better!

Hi sorry guys , the PCB’s will deliver on 06.02.2015. Normally they shhould be there in 01.02.2015.
Should come in 8 workdays. I don’t know why the delay.


Hi guys, I’ve been away from this scene for awhile and after selling my shruthi I really want to build another and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw they were being phased out, I’ve stumbled across this thread tho and was hoping if it was possible to get hold of a pcb, are there any still available for purchase? Many thanks

Getting close. Just waiting on the cases to arrive. Hoping to have everything (PCB’s, preprogrammed chips & Case) up for sale in a couple weeks. Then… Kits!

FYI, shruthi kits with the SMR filter are still available in the MI shop.

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve been checking on this thread for updates from you and have been hoping you’d be having some for sale soon, I know I want to source most of this one myself tho but I think I’ll need the programmed chips and pcb from you :-), will they be available to buy on your website when you get it all sorted? I’m also looking forward to building a different one other than the kit version I had before, thanks again

Yep. I’ll have them up in the store. It’s a bit of a process getting everything in line. I want to make sure everything is 100%. Just thinking about kits makes my head dizzy :slight_smile:

psyched for this! as a newbie though, i’m not totally sure if i wanna wait for this one with the filter i want, or just to buy the kit on the MI store… either way, it looks great

If it’s the SMR-4 filter you want, then yes order through MI. I won’t be offering that filter as long as it’s still officially available from here.

oh, it’s the 4 pole mission i want!

Well then. Just waiting on cases from fcd72. Packages from Germany to us take forfuckingever

Cases arrived

So, of course I have to travel out of state for work next week, which means it’ll be next weekend when they become available in the shop. But, it’s on now!


Everything is in stock, chips are programmed and ready to go! I will be opening the store on 3/11. (I’m still out of state for work and want to be home when the shop is opened)

Check the store here

Check the product info/pages here

I’m still working on some of the pages, so expect some things to be added or changed.

Looks good - pricing’s really fair too. Are you planning on carrying Ambika boards at some point?

Yep. Need to wade through this one first :slight_smile:

Cool… I was tempted to get one through that Muffwiggler “let’s pirate everything Olivier’s ever designed” group buy, but I’ll wait for you to get them in then and feel a little better about myself for not buying into the muffwiggler thing.

Well done on the pricing though, that’s cool of you.

It’s only “piracy” if they don’t respect the licence.

Meh. I know, but I think it’s pretty ethically questionable. It’s one thing to do a small run for yourself and make a couple of modules (and I think that’s totally cool, and Olivier does as well, apparently). But a bit different to facilitate a mass-buy of every module he’s ever designed. I imagine that thread will cost him a significant amount of business from people who would otherwise have bought prebuilt modules from him eventually. Not everyone knows how to make gerbers and do a PCB run themselves, etc.

Of course, I expect about half of those muffwiggler boards will wind up wrecked by people who’ve never tried SMD soldering before…

I don’t think the boards and code would be open sourced if it was a big issue.