Shruthi output is very low

hi i have recently assembled my board but the output is extremely low, so low that i get a lot of interference and hum, any advice pls

Is this the same board as the one you posted about modding in the SDE thread?


removed all mods and still v low output

So, I’m guessing that it worked fine until it was modded?
In that case, you will have to retrace your steps, and figure out what went wrong…

Trace the signal as described in the troubleshooting section and let us know the last point where you have a good signal.

wondering if there are any readings i can take with a multimeter to trace the problem, or maybe i fried a chip?

> any readings i can take with a multimeter to trace the problem

Multimeter are useless for this kind of task. Oscilloscope or directly listening to the signal is the way to go.
Follow ByteFrenzy’s advice

cheers will do

ok think its tl074cn the op amp will replace cheers everyone

Chips are rarely faulty. Maybe check all the soldering points of this part?

Ah, only just read this thread, but my advice in the SDE thread is identical - trace the signal. If the different filter shapes can be heard as you rotate the switch then it suggests that the mod was installed properly.

I suggest particularly checking the components around IC2B.


fixed low output now the filter has no resonance, cutoff is working fine tho

ok the last point where i have a good signal is point 3, point 4 low

Could you post hi-res pics of the board, both component and solder side? This reeks of iffy soldering and if there is any, the eagle-eyed board members will spot it.