Shruthi Osc 2 negative detune

Is it possible to modify the code to make the detune of osc 2 go from -63 to 63? I’ve been experimenting with it, and although I do get a negative detune, the note shifts up 4 semitones for detune settings under 0. I can compensate for that by turning the range down by 4, but that seems like an odd thing to have to do. I’ve been trying to programmatically substract -4 semitones for negative detune values but it seems to ignore that part of the code. My head hurts. :slight_smile:

Have you changed the option field in OscillatorSettings to an int8_t?

It seems to me that you are currently treating the detune value as an unsigned integer; so a detune of -1 gets treated as a detune of 255.

Thanks! I forgot to change that. I thought I was going crazy. It works now.