Shruthi on the blink

A few months ago, the lcd display on the shruthi that I bought used last year would occasionally go blank, but I could usually get it to light up again after restarting it once or twice. Now when I turn it on all the leds over the 6 buttons are lit up, but the screen only faintly glows, showing no characters, although the screen is lit from behind. I’ve tried adjusting the trimmer for the screen, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. The unit doesn’t send audio out when triggered by midi, and the test note (4th button for 2 sec) and jam mode don’t work. I’ve made a few eurorack diy modules, so I have a soldering iron and a voltimeter, but I have yet to embark on any real troubleshooting mission. I’ve read some other threads about screens going out, but I still don’t know where to begin.
Thanks in advance!

It looks like a problem with the microcontroller - the synth doesn’t boot at all.

Very first thing would be to push the MCU firmly in its socket.

Also check for folded under legs. The legs can bend under the chip instead of going into the socket, but still make a rather weak connection.

great, thanks a million! I secured the MCU and checked the other ICs, and now when I turn on the sthruthi, all the lads, light up, then they do so sequentially from led1 up until led7, at which point led1 lights in alternance with one other starting from led2 to led8 looping in a semi-regular descending pattern (hope that description makes some kind of sense!)
take care

And nothing on the screen while this happens?

sorry, for not mentioning it. same as before : it’s backlit, but dim, and there are no visible characters.