Shruthi notes disappearing

Hi !
I’m using my shruthi-1 since years with no problems,
And now, here is what happens :

Sometimes, for no reason, some notes disappear. 1, 2 , 3 or more notes at all octaves (it reminds me an old keyboard who had an problem with an octave divider . The midi signal still appears on the screen and when I plug the midi cable in another machine all the notes are here, so it doesn’t come from the midi keyboard I think.
When I unplug and replug the source power of the shruthi, it works normally. The problem is I use it for concerts so I can’t trust it anymore… but I love it )

Other thing, when she shruthi is on and the midi keyboard plugged but off, when I switch on the midi key, the same problem happens. straaaange

If someone have an idea, I would be so happy :slight_smile:

Thank you Olivier ! the midi keyboard has a potentiometer assigned to the “rag” settings, and this potentiometer seems crappy and send sometimes values…
I’m happy the problem doen’t come from the shruthi :slight_smile:
Thank to you so much, I’ll have big beatiful basses next saturday (at the Cabaret Vert Festival, maybe you know ! )

What is the value of the ‘rag’ setting? Looks like it is not set to ‘equ’.