Shruthi (not XT) LCD/OLED alternatives

Hi there guys,

Can I have some help?
It turned out, I can’t order the display mentioned in the BOM from Mouser, since I don’t have business VAT number.
Actually, for some unknown reason, I can’t order anything from Newhaven.
Could you please tell me which LCDs are compatible with the normal (not XT) board?

This time, I’d like to build one with a red display :smiley:

It’s a pretty standardized part, just about any 16x2 5v character LCD will work. Normal and XT use the same type of screen. I did a quick search on ebay for “16x2 LCD red 5v” and everything on the first page looked like it would work fine.

The only things to watch for are, stay away from RGB displays (they require extra I/O to set the color that Shruthi doesn’t have) and check what backlight resistor it needs - most likely you’ll just bridge it, but you should check the data sheet to make sure.

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I bought this one and use a 68 ohm resistor for R20.

Oh, sorry you wanted a red display. I’m not sure Cystalfontz has a red one.

Thank you very much guys!
Actually, I think I’ll be able to source this thing from DigiKey, but … meh … these days are weird times…

Like, I source almost everything from Mouser, because they have this awesome shipping policy, like, after a certain amount, shipping (including customs and stuff) is free, but, for some reason, they can’t ship the display to me as I’m not a company.
On the other hand, DigiKey has the part (the red one), they can also ship to Hungary, yet, customs and other stuff must be payed when UPS delivers…weird…like, pay for the courier, who knows how much?