Shruthi, noise, just blipy noise

ADSR works, as does the filter cut off and res, sequencer works to, but the sound is just noise, all I get is noise, no nice bass sounds, or pads, just white noise mixed with a percussive blip. What the hek is going on? Is it the filterboard? That was tested and all the voltages were correct, is it a chip??

I am not an electronics engineer, nor am I even an amature, I just make music and thought this Shruthi synth would be great as I only needed to be able to solder, but it is turning out to by a nightmare, please can someone help?

Probably an assembly error on the filter board…

Post photos of your assembled filter board, both sides.

Thanks, I hope you can spot something that helps

Kind Regards

I can see a couple ugly solder joints. Please check them.

The voltage test on the filter board only ensures that there is nothing wrong with the power supply circuit - it doesn’t test everything that is to test.

Sorted! Yeeeeha I am such a plank, I have something solder on back to front lol sorry for being a pain :slight_smile:

Which part was it? Also, I don’t see the pole selection jumper…

I had one of the 1nF fim caps on the wrong way, and I soldered the 4 pole pin upside down so I hard wired it at the bottom.

This little synth sounds huge I just need to figure out how to master it now :slight_smile: Thanks for your help, and sorry for being a pain

1NF Caps are usually unpolarized so they have no “wrong” way…. but you probably fixed by accident the one single fault :wink:

Congratulations and welcome to the Shruthiversum™

Thanks fcd72, I am over the moon with this little synth!