Shruthi no sound


My new Shruthi build is finished with the exception of the LCD. All the LEDs fire when I push the buttons. When encoder is turned, the LEDs respond. How do I get a test sound? The first button toggles between only first led on, to only second led on, to both first and second led on. Is this the proper functionality of the first button?

Btw- I tested the filter board as instructed and all the voltage points are +5 or -5v.

Maybe my hommeade LM386 amp is not good for Shruthi test?


Btw- at one point I did get some sound that I was able to control with at least the first two pots.


If using firmware 1.01 or 1.02 you hold the encoder for 1 second. This is referenced as ‘Jam Mode’ in the manual

Bonobo YOU ROCK! Full sound from 1/4" audio. Will look up which firmware I have and etc.

As PHIL LESH signed his book to me…“Rock On!”