I updated monotribe ver 2.1.
monotribe got CV Input!

I want to use monotribe with shruthi.
But, I can not find shruthi’s CV Out.
Where is it?

The Shruthi uses digital oscillators, not analog, so it doesn’t have a CV path for note control.

use the monotribe’s midi out instead.
it’s a pretty simple mod.
and altitude, among others, is offering ready-for use kits.

[edit:] oh wait, you want to control your tribe from your shruthi, not the other way round?

what exactly do you mean by “controlling the Monotribe with the Shruthi”?

the midi implementation of the monotribe is pretty odd and really is only suited to controlling it’s self, dont know how well it would work with a normal midi device

I play the Monotribe with the Shruthi’s sequencer routed through a MIDIpal.

Thanks All.
I almost understand.
Then what do you use these pins for?

The 4 pins labelled IN>1…IN>4 can read a voltage between 0 and 5V (if it goes outside this range, you fry the MCU!) and make it available in the modulation matrix. The simplest thing you can do is to wire a pot or joystick, but you can also build a buffer and/or voltage scaling circuit for reading extra CV from a modular synth.

The output expansion port and CV1/CV2 ports are used to send extra control signals or data to the “fancy” filter boards which have additional option (for example cutoff 2+resonance 2 for a filter board with two filters; and a stream of bits to control digital switches to select filter modes).

Thank you!!