Shruthi Midnight control board not passing initial test (SOLVED by reading numbers on chips)

Only LED 8 is lighting. Buttons and encoder not changing LED patterns. I noticed that my IC4 is a 24LC512. I assume it’s similar to 24LC128. I will get pictures of the front and back of both boards up as soon as I find my phone. :wink:

24LC512 is a 24LC128 with 4x the memory space. More storage!

That’s what I was thinking. I’m going to clean the back of my boards to be sure they are suitable for public display. I found my phone so pictures soon.


pictures removed

Hopefully these are clear enough.

Doh! I think i installed the 2 chips backwards on the top of the control board. Checking to see if this is my only problem.

You have mixed up the 74HC595 and 74HC165! (But they are not backwards, orientation is right!)

There’s a leg you didn’t solder at all on your filter board(lower left hand side), and quite a few solder joints on both I’d personally redo…

Solved. :slight_smile: Making nice sounds.

Excellent - if you don’t mind my askin, what was the problem? :slight_smile:

Soldered the light solder joint. Cleaned up a few joints. Got the filters tuned. Not up to the ghost eyes today. Now I have 2 shruthis!

I think the bad solder joint was making contact, but not a good solid joint. The chips were definitely the main problem. Once they were swapped, the control board worked, the sound was good, etc.