Shruthi MIDI

Hi, the MIDI on my Shruthi has stopped working, I replaced the 6n137 chip, that didn’t work…is there anything else I can check?


Is the midi socket ok? has it been forced of pushed? Is the cable ok? Hope you rule out these easy things first

Yes, all fine thanks Varthdader :slight_smile: I am sequencing my shruthis with my korg Volcas, my polivoks is fine…and I also tried different sequencers and leads…

I had thought it may be the MIDI socket on the board, so I bent the pins in the socket a little to give a better contact, but this did not work either…

Luckily I made my Shruthi with a detachable screen incase of future issues, I retouched the solder points on the main board, that didn’t help either…

Same channel on both units? Did you try different cables/does the cable work in other synths?

Also, post pictures of the board :slight_smile:

Cables are all fine thanks V’cent…MIDI is not working on any channel of the unit :confused:

Fixed :slight_smile:


There was a bad solder point on the MIDI socket…Luckily I fitted the screen with a cut down header which enabled me to remove it :slight_smile: I think plugging and unplugging MIDI cables a lot must have caused the problem.