Shruthi midi issue

Hello. I have two Shruthi’s and both of them have the same problem. The problem is when I sequenced them with a sequencer, be it software or hardware, or even arpeggiated by my Virus, the sound would get glitchy and would eventually freeze. Sometimes it fixes itself; sometimes I have to unplug the power. Though, it works fine with the Ableton piano roll. I wonder what causes the issue. Thanks!

Do they receive only note messages or other messages? If so, which ones (CC, clock)…?

Also, are both the MIDI In and Out ports plugged in when you experience this?

They received note and clock messages. It only happened when I use a software sequencer (e.g. D16 Phoscyon, DS Thorn) that can send out midi notes, as well as the arpeggiator on my Virus. Sequencing with Ableton (piano roll) is fine.

Only MIDI in is plugged in. I use a MOTU Midi Express to send and receive MIDI messages.

Can you try using a MIDI monitor app to see exactly what’s different in the messages sent?

Yes. Only midi notes were being transmitted.

What if you record the MIDI output from the Virus or your other sequencers in Ableton, and play it back to the Shruthi? Will it freeze too?

Do you maybe have a recording of a MIDI sequence that consistently causes a problem when played back into the Shruthi?

To your first question, that was fine.

Now I think the problem comes from the Virus arpeggiator itself. The problem persisted when I use it to arpeggiate VSTis. Maybe it transmits more than just the notes that messed it up, like the gate for example.