Shruthi Midi Controller - now ready

Hi all,

i am Andre from TubeOhm and yes , i also use Shruthi and like it very much. So we build a Midi controller for Shruthi.
But it is not only a Shruthi MIDI controller. It is a Controller with an internal STEP SEQUENZER/GATER, an ARP, and a Effect unit with EQ, Distortion, PHASER, CHORUS,Delay and REVERB. Works as a VST insert and standalone.
In the standalone Version you can use Shruthi with the Effects and the Stepper/ARP. Implement the Controller for example in Cubase is tricky because of the MIDI routing, but it works also.
The release is in January 2013 . First infos on
You can save/load/edit patches for Shruthi direct on the PC. Sorry MAC user, for PC only…
The Sequencer has two CC lines for control Shruthi via CC 2 of 32 Parameter. We have build in a ratchet mode and the Stepper is also polyphon, this if you want to control other synths.
The Shruthi Controller can control all function of Shruthi exept the in build Shruthi Stepper. You can choose the mod matrix (12)and you have 4 free programmable Knobs for different additional MIDI CC’s.
All Shruthi values are shown direct into the Controller ’ LCD’.
The best is , you can route Shruthi into the 6 EFFECTS. This pushes the sounds.
All functions works with NRPN parameter , exept the 4 free prog Knobs. This was hard stuff and hard do to.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us::::

Hope you like it.




PS: back too the roots, Shruthi reminds me on my first self build Synth – Transcendent 2000 … 30 years before. But Shruthi sounds better and had more functions Thanks Olivier…

Wow, make sure you announce the release here! Have you ever considered an iPad version?

no not an I-PAD version at first. It was hard enough to prog the controller for the PC. I had to calculate all single NRPN values … per hand. Each step by step. The controlle is now by the beta tester.



Looks great and I am looking forward to trying this.

Sexxyyy. Sadly i have removed any allpurpose Computer whatsoever from my Setup…

Looks very nice

its great - I’ve downloaded the beta version and it works perfectly - when is the full commercial version available?

From what I understand it is ready … I beta tested it … contact Andre on his web page … if it isn’t it very nearly is …only cosmetic alterations

Hi, sorry for the delay. The Shruthi controller is ready.But in the meantime i had to solder 2 Ambikas… order parts… solder …Time is the limitation factor.I only had to make more sounds and there is a problem with Ableton and the NRPN parameter.
Specially the problem with Ableton sucks me on because the controller gives out the right MIDI DATAS, I am in contact with ABLETON, but it seem nothing happens.
Problem: For each value changing on the knobes, the controller send the NPRN header and 2x 7 Bytes data. Ableton filters the header out and send it only one time. For negaive Values Shruthi needs the header again, but Ableton don’t send it. So Shruthi recieve only positive NRPN’s. Bad for the mod Matrix, or if you will tune down the oscillators.
This happens only in ABLETON, Cubase, Reaper and the standalone Version works fine.
BTW. here in the forum is very less response for the controller so t though it was not important enough for the DIY scene.
But it comes , give me a little time to make sounds , or, for all users that play with the demo, please send me sounds…



I’d like to buy it - but I can’t find the link on the Tubeohm website

It comes, i have now 53 Sounds. Better i had 128. Please , it takes a while.


My shruthi is currently down, which is why I haven’t checked the demo, It looks really really awesome though :slight_smile:

it is - it’s very good for programming sounds, simple for making patches etc without having to scroll through menus on the Shruthi. The Shruthey (which runs in Max) is also good, and also free, but I’m not sure whether there is a VST version.

Hey guys, I visited the site but can’t see a download available. Is there a free or pay-for version currently available for download? Tx!

there’s a demo version with a silence every ten seconds or so - apparently the full version is coming soon - see tubeohm’s post above

Okay TX!

It’s nearly ready - TubeOhm needs sounds - past 80 of 128 so it cannot be long

Hi, ok, i have here 112 new Sounds. I will fill the bank with 128 Patches. Release is this or next week.


Shruthi VST7Standalone Controller out now with 128 fresh sounds, two Controller (blue/yellow), one as an VST insert (blue) and the second (yellow) as a normal MIDI controller.
Direct Demo link:
Video on youtube next.
Hope you have fun with it.


great work