Shruthi Midi control question


I am having some trouble controlling my Shruthi from a BCR2000 using CC numbers. I have all the standard 32 controls working OK but ran into problems getting the sequencer, Arp, portamento and Legato to work. I am sure this is something I am doing wrong so any help is appreciated.

Specifically, I am trying to send the following CC numbers to my Shruthi:

Sequencer mode - 75
Groove template - 76
Groove amount - 77
Arpeggiator direction - 78
Arpeggiator range - 79
Arpeggiator pattern - 80
Sequencer clock division - 81
Octave transposition - 82
Scale/raga - 83
Portamento - 84
Legato - 68

I am using MidiOx to make sure I am sending the correct values and the Shruthi recognises the input signal however the corresponding values are not changing. As mentioned earlier, all the other 32 parameters have been setup and can be controlled OK.

Any suggestions?

Which version of the firmware is your Shruthi running?

V0.98 according to the start-up screen

Since you are running the old firmware, you need to use the CC numbers from the old version of the manual

The online manual is for firmware v1.00 and higher.

Thanks Pichenettes! Problem solved. I have upgraded the firmware and everything is now working. Should have checked this first really.