Shruthi metal cases - screenprint design

A small batch of adrian’s metal cases will be available on the Mutable Instruments shop.

Because I’d like all my products to converge towards the same graphical style, the panel will have a makeover. Here are some suggestions:


  • Matte black or matte white (B, W)?
  • White of the three design (columns)?

Example: my favorite is B3.

Confess ! You did this by purpose… :wink:

I really didn’t! But it def. confirmed my worse fears about the acrylic case and I want out :smiley:

i like them all.
it think i like w1 best - that’s the one i would use for a 4pm. but with a red “memory” button.
if you can, i think it would be great if you could offer people a choice between a black and a white version.

design 1, black and white look both gorgeous

I like B1 and W1. The graphic looks nice.

I like w1 and b3 but all of them are acceptable and gorgeous.

B1 is my fave, then W1. The Paisley graphic seals the deal. Column 1 ownz0rz! But, all of them are lovely on any given Sunday.

B2 here !

W1 is my favourite !

W3 is my vote.

I was thinking to provide 2 colors, but one screen print.

I think you should vote for column.

excellent, in that case, like rosch, sammy and jojelito, i vote for b1 and w1.

now about those lxr cases… :wink:

column 1!

Each look beautiful.
I tend to like the rounded corners better, so i would say B3 or W3.
I first bought a dark brown SHruthi, then a 4PM, so i would have a hard time having to chose between black or white :slight_smile:

I’d go for column 1.

Will the encoder still have a large cut out for shorter shafts, or will it follow Adrian’s case in that respect, too? Seems difficult to find an encoder with a suitably long shaft.

I’ll go for W1

It’ll follow Adrian’s case, there’s a Mouser reference for the encoder with a longer shaft.

Sorry, where? Not on the BOM, I don’t think. Would that be the Bourns with the 2.5mm lugs that you have to file down to fit through the board? The new PEC12 series with the ~2mm lugs (like the now-obsolete Alps) don’t seem to be in stock yet.

[Apologies for the OT digression]

Posted my input on FB about the designs – love the Paisley!