Shruthi metal case refinish?

Hi guys,
I’ve been lurking for quite awhile but have never posted before. I’m hoping someone can offer some solutions. I recently picked up a metal Shruthi case second hand that has some deep scratches. I thought I’d be able to live with it, but it’s already driving me nuts. I figured I’d just spray paint it, but I’d rather go with a more elegant solution. Does anybody know of any place I could send it for a one-off powder coat? I realize I’ll lose the screen printing, but at least the scratches will be addressed.

I could send you new face plate with minor defects. Usually so small that you won’t notice it.
From you I would like to get some candy for my girlfriend.

Send me your address in PM.

That’s awesome! Thank you Adrian. PM’ing you now.

haha, do you offer special kind of candy dreamtraveler ? :DDD