Shruthi metal case assembly

Is there documentation for mounting the shruthi in its metal case?
Thank you for your help

I thought there is, but it seems I am mistaken.
What would you like to know in particular?


Hey phm78, I rencently finished assembling my own Shruthi + metal case.
There seem to be no documentation for assembling the metal case.

I don’t have all the exact technical terms, English is not my native language…
Here is a quick-and-dirty drawing to explain how I assembled the metal case

In red are the washers…
Hope this helps.

My question concerns mainly the installation of LEDs

Thanks for the diagram.

OK, for the LEDs it took me some time to understand how to put the little piece of plastic.

You have to put the caps from the outside towards the inside, the little rounds face up.
If that means something to you. :slight_smile:
Then ensure the caps stay in place by securing a cap from the inside of the case with a black rubber thingie (damn how do you call these little cylindric surfaces ??)
Normally, the LED should not touch directly the caps, but maybe you’ll have to add or remove washers to have the good height.
Everything is really well adjusted, the audio jack, MIDI plugs, power supply jack and the leds…
So if it’s not in your case, this means you have to use some of the pieces (washers or even nuts) to ensure the height is OK.

Good luck mate !

Thanks for your help.