Shruthi Manual

I need manual, i found on this site (thank you Adrian)
Is there some other manual wit more details?
Thank you all

It’s here

I know for that, is there something else?

No, i’ve never seen another shruthi manual. All the functions are in the manual. Except maybe for an older version. (some functions from older versions are removed in the v1.0x firmware).
I’ve seen it made into a pdf by someone. It should be on the forum. And i’ve seen some translations i think it was in French.
Or maybe you are looking more for a broader subtractive synthesis manual?


There is this one which is pdf version of online content in a book format. This was discussed in this thread

@ shiftr Thank you for help, now i have all what i need :wink:
I have some knowledge about “all” types of synthesis. No need for more (currently)

@ cereyanlimusiki YES! Thank you that is excellent, i will print and read, :slight_smile: