Shruthi Local Off Mode?

Is there any way to set the Shruthi into a Local Off mode so I can use the potis to control Shruthi related stuff in my DAW without changing values on the Shruthi itself? MIDI mode ctr is the closest I found but it still changes values on the Shruthi itself.

It doesn’t make much sense for a Keyless Synth to have Local off i guess…… there are a zillion other Contollers out there?

Of course there are I’d just like to use the four potis for Shruthi related things as it’s sometimes hard to not get confused by all the controllers, so mapping the potis to the device itself seems to be the most obvious thing to me.

I might add that I’m using my synths as MIDI modules only.

I might also add that there is a Local Off mode for Waldorf’s Rocket and it’s rather handy. :slight_smile:

I asked whether there were plans for a local off option for the Shruthi XT a while back, and apparently not.

I realise this is a slight derailment, but I hope Olivier might reconsider that decision at some point, as being able to use the XT as an editor for a second (third, fourth etc.) non-XT Shruthi, without messing up the parameters of the XT itself would be useful, I think. In this case, you wouldn’t be using the XT as a generic MIDI controller, but as a purpose-built (and perfectly laid-out) controller for a Shruthi-1 without a dedicated control-surface.


@toneburst: excellent idea!

I’m pretty sure that he will never do that as every byte of code counts and this is a feature which has been requested by only one or two people so far. So I think it would be a better option to use a hardware controller or an iPad.

Or use the XT control board without a filterboard… And use all your filters with normal control board.