Shruthi LIVE

I have a gig tomorrow night and all I am using for it is my Shruthi 4PM and 5 FX pedals, should be much fun :slight_smile:

Man, that sounds cool? Good luck, let us know how it goes!

Convince someone to get some video!

Thanks for the interest guys, I am going to record the audio into a Boss MicroBR digital recorder so there will be some audio, not sure if anyone will video it though.

Gig went well with some nice encouraging comments and feedback afterwards, I have recorded the whole 30 mins and I think there is also some video, not sure if I will get a copy of it or not but I will post links once I have sorted them out, safe to say the Shruthi did itself proud :slight_smile:

Good stuff - can’t wait to hear it.

Here is a photo of my mini set up, Shruthi in full view with the rest of the FX pedals dotted about the table :slight_smile:

Here is the total 30 mins of live improv using just my Shruthi 4PM going through a few FX pedals and a looper, some crazy sounds were happening :slight_smile: You may have to copy and paste the link as it hasn’t created a hyperlink on my pasting :slight_smile:

I have just tried this link and its going to the Facebook page for Church of Sound, not sure why but it should still be available from there, it must be something to do with soundcloud being attached to facebook, they are taking over the world :slight_smile:

Just listened to that while doing some soldering - it’s really good! Amazing that it is “just” a Shruthi.

Thanks for giving it a play my friend, and yes its Shruthi being looped through a boss DD20 to build up the sound and free it up to change the patches to add more textures along the way.
The good thing about doing it this way is that the “live” tweaking is also looped in real time as its happening so each little nuance is captured in the loop making interesting soundscapes on the fly. The resonance sweeps are being done via a Boss ME50 bass guitar multi FX pedal, using the pedal with my foot, which are also being looped :slight_smile: