Shruthi live in concert... (with bass clarinet as it happens)

Here’s a little video experiment I did last weekend. Moogs are taking the brunt of the workforce here but the Shruthi is nothing to be sneezed at.

link doesn;t seem to work. Using copy/paste though, lovely blend of acoustic and electronic. The sonorities definitely blend well, Lovely surprise around 2:23.

hey thanks :slight_smile:

Ah I see what I did wrong.

Chalumeau Orbits

Surely the clarinet player could have been replaced by a synth as well?! :wink: Only joking, what a great piece and I too think it has a really pleasing blend between the acoustic and electronic.

Ha ha… actually you’re not the first person to say that :frowning: Yeah I’m interested in blending music between instrumental or acoustic sources and live synth playing. But it’s a bit of an undertaking I have to say. Seems like I have to learn everything about all music. And electronics and engineering (which I’m only just starting on). (Well, that’s how it feels). However being an obsessive person this is not an insurmountable problem.

It actually gets at the core of something that might be holding me back. Most of the music I’ve made or participated in has been Jazz. So I just follow chord charts. I can’t seem to be happy with any beats I make long enough to create something around them. I feel that to get anything accomplished I might just have to compose music, perhaps even implementing midi so it’s more like an extended set of sequences and add to that live with acoustic and electronic instruments.

i really like that.
hte dubstep wobble fits perferct with the clarinet.

How To Record Your Composition is pretty good as well

Shimoda. I think the best way to get past blocks is to try a few things which “hurt.” That’s what I call it when a project takes extra effort, or doesn’t sit in your comfort zone, or seems difficult to categorise. Maybe it’s not always “experimental music” but it’s always something of an experiment for you. You may never do it again, but you get some benefit from it… a forced learning experience. Like building a Shruthi :slight_smile:

Nantonos, if you look closely you’ll see I’m secretly wearing a Moog hat in that clip.

Beautiful tune, I like your work ! :slight_smile: