Shruthi - Legato MIDI CC

Hello All,
Could use some help. I’m mapping some switches on the Alesis v49 controller to trigger legato off and on in the Shruthi (firmware v. 1.01). So I configure switch 1 to send CC 68, toggle on is 1, toggle off is 0. MIDI monitor confirms these messages are coming from the v49, Shruthi confirms she’s receiving control change messages, but legato is not triggered on or off. Legato on off works fine when adjusting it from Shruthi, but seems I can not trigger it with CC switch from the Alesis v49. Other mappings I tried worked fine (filter cutoff, portamento time, etc.) just not legato.

Any suggestions?
much appreciated.

Try sending a larger number for ‘on’. The midi CC values 0-127 are mapped to 0-1. So everything >63 should be on and <63 should be off.

that did it, many thanks!