Shruthi kit without filter

Is it possible to purchase the Shruthi kit, but without the SMR-4 filter?
I’d like to combine it with a ladder filter from TubeOhm.

No, not really… But you can buy the controller PCB, programmed chips and case from MI (while stocks last!)
The rest of the parts are fairly easy to get from places like Digikey and Mouser etc.

Or… Buy the complete kit, build the SMR4 filter board anyway, and sell it :slight_smile:

Should I sell it assembled, or unassembled?

You can use almost half of the parts of the smr4 filter for the ladder filter. So you could buy the ladder pcb (maybe with matched transistors and rare parts) and just sell the smr4 pcb. Or keep it for the second shruthi you will inevitably want to have.

wise words. keep the board, you will want to build another one (or the XT) at some point in the near future. Or a sidekick?

As I’m in for this as a hobbyist, not a professional, I’m trying to find the most economic way, without left over parts.
Thanks for the answers, I’m currently discussing with TubeOhm to see if they can compile a kit like that.

Everything thats on the Digital Board is just one Order from any Supplier you name…. So theres no problem with sourcing these yourselves.

@Nikotine, you need to become a Professional Hobbyist ™, which means buying all components in multiples of at least 10, and ideally 100, so you’ll have enough parts on hand for the project you’ll be doing in 2023. Think of it as a personal Futures Market for components.

lol, dat’s exactly that !

Yup, that’s for sure. I have enough resistors to pass on to my kids after I’m gone.

You only think you have enough resistors…. I used to buy them by 100s, but for the more common values I reached the 1000s price break. This is probably gonna end bad!

The problem is that the reduced per unit price for larger quantities makes it even more tempting to buy more of the stuff. Just ordered parts for my Shruthi XT and yes, I bought at least 100 units when I only needed 2…

Meanwhile I’ve arrived at stocking 0805 and 1206 parts too. You will yawn if you read about numbers less than 4000…
Worst thing is, even if you have 8000x 100k 1206 resistors in a little plastic bag inside the drawer of your through hole 100k’s, they are so tiny and the bag so small that you still have the feeling you somehow lack some.